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Backlink checker tool

Backlink checker tool

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Backlink checker tool
Backlink checker tool
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Back link finder utility finds different type on links including mutual advertiser website links, link on publisher’s website either direct or other link, java script link etc. Page rank of a web page is related with number of back links associated with it so ultimately software helps you to determine the numbers of links present that helps to maintain the importance of your website on various search engines including (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc).

Features of Backlink Checker Tool

• Cost-effective link analyzer tool determine the status of BackLink that whether your website back link still points on publisher site.

• Software can easily evaluate advertiser websites link availability on the publisher websites listed by the user at single instance.

• Backlink checker tool generate the backlink status report in TEXT and HTML format as per the user’s choice.

• Software assists 24/7 to the users for finding back links.

• Link Checker Utility is time-saving simple and easy to use tool with GUI interface environment.
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Backlink checker tool
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