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Bulk text messaging Software for Pocket PC


Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging (SMS) Software is fully capable to send unlimited SMS including contest sms, event alert, notifications SMS, meeting alert for employees, season greetings, personalized SMS, job alerts invitation, promotional campaigns etc from your Pocket PC/PDA/smart phones to others mobile phones in just one click. Text Messaging Software helps you to stay in touch or maintain communication with your clients, friends, employees, customers, family relatives etc even if you are not presented on your work place or traveling.

Pocket PC to Mobile SMS Tool provides full complete support to all major Pocket PC and PDA devices including HTC Pocket PC phone, Samsung Pocket PC phone, HP iPAQ Pocket PC Phone, Siemens OS based phones, T-Mobile, Motorola MPx200, Palm Treo 700w etc.

Screenshots of Bulk text messaging Software for Pocket PC

Bulk text messaging Software for Pocket PC
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Features of Pocket PC - Bulk Text Messaging Software

  • Pocket PC Mobile SMS Software easily sends sms including personalized SMS, event alerts, promotional campaigns, meeting alert for employees, job alerts, season greetings, invitational sms etc
  • Software facilitates users to enter recipient contact number manually, loads from any contact file or import from phone book entries.
  • Send SMS regardless of its length and provides full support to Unicode character sets.
  • Effective GUI interface is provided by the software.
  • No technical training or proficiency is required to fully understand and operate the software.